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Get In It To Win It!

The ‘It’s a Wrap’ Student Film Competition

SPONSORED BY Kate & Quincy Farber

The ‘It’s a Wrap’ competition is an original concept and generates unique short films, student participation and collaboration and culminates with 2 student films shown to an international audience during JDIFF – The Julien Dubuque Int’l Film Festival. Students will be given 48 hours to create a short film - 3-7 minutes in length.

Playing off the old film adage “it’s a wrap!” or “that’s a wrap!” is a phrase declared by the film’s director signaling the end of filming. The 2018 competition involved a mystery object that was open and revealed at some point during the film. For the 2019 competition, a text will be sent to the filmmakers - a secret message - that students will receive via phone text shortly after the kickoff that will reveal something to include in the film. Creativity and improvisation are inspired and make room for great interpretation and engagement by utilizing a secret.

Kick-Off event will be Friday, March 22nd at the Hotel Julien in downtown Dubuque. This event will be open to the public and help build awareness of the competition as part of the JDIFF festival and will be the official start that evening when the teams are provided with the IAW details and a rules guide. We plan to show the 2 nominated films from the 2018 competition at this event and hope to have some of the student filmmakers in attendance for a Q&A. At midnight, the teams will have 48 hours to complete the challenge and deliver their film by midnight Sunday, March 24th. Digital upload information will be provided.

  • Christopher Wydra and JDIFF Executive Director Susan Gorrell will pick the top 2 short films from the participants. The winner will be chosen by the JDIFF jury, comprised of a director, producer, film critic, distributor and agent from Los Angeles.

  • The 2 nominated shorts will be part of the festival and screened in the short blocks during the fest April 24 - 28, 2019.

  • One filmmaker from each nominated short film will receive local accommodations - one (1) night stay at Hotel Julien Dubuque OR Holiday Inn and one all-access pass to JDIFF 2019 plus 2 additional tickets for the awards show on Saturday night during the festival. Winning film will receive cash prize of $1,000.00.

  • Christopher Wydra and the sponsor will announce the winner of the competition at the JDIFF awards ceremony and the winner will receive the IAW award and their cash prize at that time.


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