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The Colorado River has carved a deep imprint on both the physical landscape and the American Southwest, and on the people who live near its waters. Confluence follows an up-an-coming indie folk band as they traverse this endangered river system, and document the people who rely on it through original music.

DIRECtor: Amy Marquis, Dana Romanoff

CAST: Amala Posey, Dianna Uqualla, Pete Sands. Amala Posey, Dianna Uqualla, Pete Sands, Kyle Monger, Jenny Briggs, The Infamous Flapjack Affair

Rating: GA | Runtime: 54 mins | Genre: travel | Country: United States | Language: English


Wednesday 4.24

2:00pm | Holiday Inn Blue Moon Room


Thursday 4.25

6:00pm | Five Flags Orpheum

Saturday 4.27

9:30am | Creative Adventure Lab